2 Year Service Special

Only $1,650

Service time approximately 6.5 hours.

Maserati Automatic 4.2/4.7 Engines; OP Code 24A & FA; Model Year 2007 to current.

2-Year/12,500 Mile Service Includes

  •     Replace Engine Oil
  •     Replace Engine Oil Filter
  •     Replace Brake Fluid
  •     Replace Cabin Pollen Filter
  •     Replace Coolant
  •     Replace Power Steering Fluid
  •     Replace Air Filter
  •     Check Alignment Specifications and Report Findings
  •     Inspect Alternator Belts, A/C System Compresser and Hydraulic Steering Control
  •     Inspect Rubber Ply-V Belt for Water Pump
  •     Maserati Diagnosis Full Data Scan
  •     Inspect Cooling System Connection and Lines
  •     Inspect Fuel Injection Connection and Lines
  •     Inspect Fuel Emission Control System
  •     Inspect Braking System: Pipes, Calipers, Connections
  •     Inspect Wear Condition of Braking Surfaces Discs & Pads
  •     Inspect Front and Rear Suspension Joints & Related Compounds
  •     Inspect Battery Connections and Charging System
  •     Inspect Air Conditioning and Heating System
  •     Road Test
  •     Complimentary Hand Wash and Vacuum