4 Year Service Special


Only $1,650

Service time approximately 6.5 hours

Maserati Automatic 4.2/4.7 Engines; OP Code 24A & FA; Model Year 2007 to current.

Maserati 4 Year Service

4-Year/25,000 Mile Service Includes:

    Replace Engine Oil
    Replace Engine Oil Filter
    Replace Brake Fluid
    Replace Cabin Pollen Filter
    Replace Coolant
    Replace Power Steering Fluid
    Replace Air Filter
    Check Alignment Specifications and Report Findings
    Inspect Alternator Belts, A/C System Compressoer and Hydraulic Steering Control
    Inspect Rubber Ply-V Belt for Water Pump
    Maserati Diagnosis Full Data Scan
    Inspect Cooling System Connection and Lines

    Inspect Fuel Injection Connection and Lines
    Inspect Fuel Emission Control System
    Inspect Braking System: Pipes, Calipers, Connections
    Inspect Wear Condition of Braking Surfaces - Discs & Pads
    Inspect Front and Rear Suspension Joints & Related Compounds
    Inspect Battery Connections and Charging System
    Inspect Air Conditioning and Heating System
    Road Test
    Complimentary Hand Wash and Vacuum